AMI and Distribution Automation Security

DNC Corp's experience in providing cyber security support for the utility sector spans over a decade. Our utility sector cyber security experience and support covers electricity, water, and gas. The technological evolvement of the utility sector over the past decade has brought the utility sector to manage a "smarter" grid with the use of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Automation (DA). The technological development on the "Smart Grid" has also brought cyber security concerns on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the various components of the Smart Grid from the AMI meter of the customer to the various devices that are needed for reliable Electricity/Water/Gas. DNC Corp has performed dozens of security assessment focusing on metering and utility management operations. Our AMI and Distribution Automation Security cyber security support ranges from verifying vendor security controls, reverse engineering devices, hacking into devices, and more. We support all sizes of Utility operators from thousands to millions of devices out in the field.

DNC Corp can assist in:

  • Security Architecture Review
  • Head-end, backhaul, and field-level aggregation/device security analysis
  • Security analysis of embedded metering/radio solutions and field support systems
  • Back-end SCADA (transmission/distribution) cyber security assessments, including application security, operational security, and communications resiliency
  • Smart Meter testing for electric, gas, and water infrastructures (C12.19/C12.22)
  • Data collection and customer care system (AMI integrated) security analysis
  • Power-line monitoring data security analysis, vault monitoring, and integrated transformer metering assessments
  • SCADA radio system security analysis, including FHSS and dedicated channel analysis, 802.15.4 security analysis, interference and jamming analysis
  • Chipset and memory analysis, Cryptographic analysis