Cyber Threat Analysis

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Support

DNC Corp's cyber threat analyst monitor current attacks and threat information to identity those cyber threats that are relevant to your organization. Our analyst identify traffic patterns that define potential attacks, and apply quality assurance by differentiating between anomalous traffic patterns caused by misbehaving. Our experts have knowledge of firewall and other security policies and functionality to block unwanted traffic and dealing with attackers. DNC Corp synthesize a common operating picture of hostile intrusion related activity to aid investigations, review all source data, deliver timely reporting.

Our Cyber Threat Team Can help:

  • Monitor and evaluate cyber threats through all-source analysis.
  • Write classified and unclassified cyber analytic products on threat topics and security issues.
  • Coordinate and deconflict cyber intelligence requirements and reports with government entities and databases.
  • Conduct outreach and deliver briefings to share assessments on the current cyber threat environment with various stakeholders and partners.
  • Participate in interagency processes, including the preparation and presentation of all-source cyber intelligence briefings to individuals and groups throughout government agencies and within the company.
  • Maintain regular communication with assigned component entities, IC authorities, government partners, private sector partner.


DNC Corp can also standup or maintain an existing Cyber Intelligence/Counterintelligence (CI) program. With evolving threats coming from foreign actors it is critical for government agencies and private corporations to establish a mature CI program to help combat advance cyber threats from cyber spies and insider threat. DNC Corp can help:

  • Conduct CI assessments, operations and investigations.
  • Assess the effectiveness of CI related activities across the Department. Identify problems that directly affect the accomplishment of CI program goals, objectives, and recommends alternatives & corrective actions.
  • Develop and coordinate proactive CI projects & activities to detect or exploit attempts by foreign intelligence services to target the organization and its personnel.
  • Provide assessment on cyber capabilities and activities of foreign intelligence / security services. Assess potential threats and impact on organizational information systems and operations. Making recommendations on applicable countermeasures to cyber threats.
  • Conduct open and classified source research in support of CI cyber initiatives. Prepare CI cyber threat awareness briefings. Educate information assurance and system administrators on foreign intelligence activities directed against organizational systems and personnel.
  • Provide CI perspective and insight to senior management to ensure the protection of organizational critical infrastructure, administrative network security, and mitigation of the insider threat.
  • Conduct and support CI related computer inquiries and investigations. Prepare reports documenting forensic collection and analysis findings and provides mitigation recommendations.
  • Serve as a CI investigator for reports of CI anomalies or allegations of espionage. Document investigative activity by preparing detailed written reports. Maintains liaison contacts throughout the intelligence community and participates in CI cyber working groups.
  • Represent the organization as a CI cyber subject matter expert at interagency CI forums and supports other IC agencies in CI cyber matters.
  • Conduct briefings and debriefings of organizational personnel who travel to designated foreign countries or have significant interaction with citizens of designated foreign countries while abroad or within the United States.