Cyber Security Defense


Government organizations face a number of key concerns regarding the protection of confidentiality, integrity, and availability throughout the agency.

  • Ensuring that sensitive, classified, and citizen data, particular personally identifiable information is not disclosed inappropriately or without the proper consent
  • Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the organization’s data, including the secrecy of national security information if a federal agency
  • Complying with regulatory mandates such as FISMA, FIPS, Executive Orders, Departmental Policies and Guidelines, etc.
  • Meeting the organization’s business and mission objectives securely, whether domestic or overseas
  • Detecting attempts to breach the security of government systems and reacting quickly and effectively

During the last few years, state and non-state sponsored cyber threats have grown geometrically in terms of capability and effectiveness. The ability of deployed countermeasures to protect, defend and respond to these threats has been less than stellar in the case of some high profile government organizations. Large scale incursions and data exfiltrations have taken place. These gaps are not due to a lack of smart people or ongoing technology investments, but because a new approach is required to fill in the gaps and illuminate the areas being exploited by sophisticated threat actors.

Government organizations, particularly those in the Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure communities must have a zero tolerance approach to data leakage, insider threats, and zero-day and targeted malware created by various threat actors. DNC Corp views all these issues as interrelated and can help your organization address them with cyber security services and products offered by DNC Corp.