Malware Reverse Engineering/

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Support


DNC Corp’s in-depth experience in malware analysis can help support your incident response and analysis program. DNC Corp continues to perform dynamic/static malware analysis to reverse engineer malware for our clients. DNC Corp's in-depth experience with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) can help organizations identify and remove APT threats from their environment, and develop a comprehensive strategy to protect their computers and network from future cyber attacks. DNC Corp has helped many organizations in the following:

  • Perform static & dynamic analysis of malware (APT) and its delivery mechanism (malicious documents e.g. pdf, doc, etc.).
  • Extract TTP, exploit, author attribution, C2, and more. Utilize custom sandbox to isolate malware, unpack malware, monitoring registry changes, and identifying malware communication channels.
  • Analyze high-level language constructs (branching statements, looping functions, network socket code, and more) of malware/APT.
  • Perform digital fingerprinting to determine foreign adversary/actor behind malware/spear phish, and correlate the data back with the Intelligence community.
  • Use malware (APT) analysis to develop IDS signatures (Snort), FW rules, AV signatures, NetWitness Meta, and create ArcSight channels/reports for APT specific threats