SCADA Security Assessments


Protecting the security of SCADA networks and process management systems is becoming more critical day by day. The cyber security industry has witnessed the introduction of targeted attacks against SCADA devices from power generations to oil terminals & pipelines. Logical threats against SCADA devices are creeping up in the same level of physical threat that was once the only attack vector against these devices. The need to protect critical infrastructure utilizing SCADA devices has become so much of a concern that the Government has issued executive order for creating a better cyber security programs for SCADA devices. The U.S. Department of Energy states that "actions are required by all organizations, government or commercial, to secure their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) networks as part of the effort to adequately protect the nation's critical infrastructure." In the Middle East we are seeing cyber attacks frequently targeting critical infrastructure (Oil & GAS) companies on both their IT network and their operational network (SCADA).

DNC Corp's SCADA Security Assessments service offers a comprehensive approach to SCADA security. DNC Corp's SCADA security consultants assess and analyze the vulnerabilities of your SCADA systems. Then, gap assessment and remediation work can be performed, including the deployment of industry-leading preemptive security technologies that can protect your SCADA networks. DNC Corp has demonstrated success helping utility organizations secure their SCADA networks and process management systems. We have hands on experience with SCADA devices (e.g. RTU, PLC, HMI, DCS, EMS). We have experience in multiple sectors for ISC Operators utilizing SCADA including:

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas processing
  • Oil and Gas processing, shipping, transportation and storage facilities, such as refineries, gas plants, oil terminals, pipelines, and tank farms


Energy (Power/Utility)

Power Utility Process

  • Electricity: Power Generation (Oil, Nuclear, Coal, Hydro, Wind, Gas), Transmission, Distribution (distributed automation), and Customer (AMI)
  • Water
  • Manufacturing